Test Your App's Javascript using Test::Mojo::Role::Phantom

Test Your App's Javascript using Test::Mojo::Role::Phantom

By Joel Berger (‎jberger‎) from Chicago.pm
Date: Monday, 8 June 2015 16:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Tags: javacript mojolicious testing

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Do you test your Javascript? All of it? Be honest. I thought so, neither did I.

It is very easy to say that testing Javascript is too hard, or that you don't need to because you have so little of it. But what if testing your client-side Javascript was as easy as testing a Mojolicious app, which is pretty darn easy? Would you do it then?

In this talk I will demonstrate Test::Mojo::Role::Phantom, which allows testing a Mojolicious app, PSGI app or even external website's client-side Javascript. It only requires the phantomjs executable, which is a piece of cake to install. You'll be testing your browser behavior in no time!

Attended by: Henry Van Styn (‎vanstyn‎), Andrew Hewus Fresh (‎AFresh1‎), Eric Johnson (‎kablamo‎), Steve Nolte (‎mcsnolte‎), Michael LaGrasta, Jason Hall (‎Jayce^‎), Derek Clifford, John Karr, Tony Chambers, Doyle Young, matt minkin, James Morgan (‎Ven'Tatsu‎), Kenneth Graves (‎kag‎), Wallace Reis (‎wreis‎), Daya Nune, Paul Seamons, Phil Windley, Jeff Smith, Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎), Patrick Cronin, Stuart Johnston, Garth Mortensen, Karl Boehnker, Kyle Siemer (‎silvanus‎), vroom, Upasana Shukla (‎upasana‎), Neelima Gaddam, Tim Howe (‎thowe‎), Paul Millard, Chris Hamilton, Armin Resch, Allie Rogers, Aran Deltac (‎bluefeet‎), Jack Killilea (‎jrK‎), Ted Killilea, morgan jones, Chad Granum (‎Exodist‎), Mark Swayne, James Stone, Travis Chase, Nathan Sullivan, Graham Ollis (‎plicease‎), Gabriel Munoz (‎gabriel‎), Matthew Green, Belden Lyman (‎belden‎), Miller Hall, Joshua Miller, Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎), Grigor Karavardanyan (‎G‎), Adam Schobelock, will,