YAPC::NA::2015 is Sold Out.

We have reached our maximum registration for 2015. No additional entries will be sold.

Regular admission: $250

What you get:

Advanced registration is required.

Student / Military scholarships

The Perl Foundation is pleased to offer YAPC::NA scholarships to the following categories of individuals:

In all of the above cases, applicant must be able to provide a valid current ID card from the appropriate institution. In cases where the ID card does not contain an expiration date, current will be considered any card issued no more than two years prior to the date of application.

In order to apply, please scan your identification card and email it along with a written request to admin@yapcna.org. If your card includes a social security number or other private identification numbers, please blank that portion out. We only want to know that the Id is current and issued to you. You may be asked to produce the identification card again at check-in.

Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. A maximum of 50 scholarships will be granted. Successful applicants will receive a coupon code that may be used to purchase an event pass for the reduced cost of $50.

Space is limited at YAPC and tickets will be sold until all available seats have been taken. A successful scholarship application does not guarantee the awardee a spot at the event.

All scholarship awardees must agree to comply with the YAPC Standards of Conduct policy.

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Space is limited for add-on classes. Advanced registration is required.