Master Classes
From Zero to Perl
Date: Sunday, June 7th 2015
(One full day)
Instructor: Sawyer X Cost: $75

YAPC::NA is proud to announce "From Zero to Perl," a special course for programmers new to the Perl programming language, to be taught by Sawyer X on Sunday the 7th June.

The "Zero To Perl" course is designed to introduce programmers of any experience level to Perl 5 programming. (Non-programmers are welcomed as well!) This one-day course will give you the basic skills you'll need to program in Perl for a variety of tasks, including Web development, text processing, bioinformatics, database manipulation, systems administration, devops, and more.

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Introduction to Moose
Date: Sunday, June 7th 2015
(One full day)
Instructor: Dave Rolsky Cost: $175

This class has reached maximum capacity. Registration is now closed.

Join us for an interactive hands-on course all about Moose, an OO system for Perl 5 that provides a simple declarative layer of "sugar" on top of a powerful, extensible meta-model.

With Moose, simple classes can be created without writing any subroutines, and complex classes can be simplified. Moose's features include a powerful attribute declaration system, type constraints and coercions, method modifiers ("before", "after", and "around"), a role system (like mixins on steroids), and more. Moose also has a vibrant ecosystem of extensions as seen in the variety of MooseX:: modules on CPAN.

This course will cover Moose's core features, go in depth on many of them, and explore some of the more powerful MooseX:: modules available on CPAN.

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Introduction to Go
Date: Thursday, June 11th 2015
(One full day)
Instructor: Dave Rolsky Cost: $175

There are a few million new languages making buzz on the Internet these days, and Go is one of them! Go hits a nice sweet spot between ease of coding, speed of execution, and modern features such as type inferencing, concurrency, and a minimalist but well-designed OO system.

In this class, I'll introduce you to Go basics including syntax, the type system, OO in Go, packages and package management, and concurrency.

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Programming the web with Dancer
Date: Thursday, June 11
(One full day)
Instructors: Sawyer X
Mickey Nasriachi
Cost: $75
$50 (Thanks to

Through a sponsorship from, we are pleased to be able to offer this class at a 30% discount to all participants!

Dancer is a lightweight featureful beautiful web framework in Perl. The class covers how Dancer works, how to use it effectively, and various tricks and hints for a successful and productive usage of it in production environment, whether it is in a major company, a start up, or your personal website.

Class outline
  1. Dancer 1 vs. Dancer 2
  2. Dancer2 syntax
  3. Writing tests
  4. Middlewares (mounting, Plack::Builder)
  5. Deployment
  6. Best practices
  7. Tips and tricks
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Practical Career Development for Perl Developers
Date: Friday June 12, 2015.
(half day course)
Instructor: Peter Sergeant Cost: $100

This course is based on a similar talk by the same speaker at the London Perl Workshop this year: "How to write a Developer Résumé that will get you hired" (Slideshare.)

"Practical Career Development for Perl Developers" is a half-day interactive session for Perl developers who are interested in finding out more about how to strengthen their résumé and plot what the next 5 to 10 years of their career should look like.

Course outline
  • What makes a good résumé
  • Review attendee résumés as a group based on best practices
  • Technical interview preparation, followed by group practice
  • Putting together a longer-term career plan, side-projects, open-source contributions which will help, common areas missing from résumés and how to fill those.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a few printed copies of their résumé for the interactive sessions.

Speaker Bio
My name is Peter Sergeant, and I've been a Perl programmer since 1998 ( But I've not just been a programmer. I've been a contractor and freelancer, seeking out small and large pieces of work through endless client meetings; I've been CTO at a mid-size company with 50 Perl developers; I've worked fulltime as a self-development coach; I've been involved in technical interviewing with many clients and employers; and I run, a London-based Perl recruitment agency.
Web Application Development using Perl, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Date: Thursday, June 11 and Friday June 12, 2015.
(2 day course)
Instructor: Gabor Szabo Class cancelled by instructor

We are sorry to announce that this class has been cancelled by the instructor.

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