Getting the Most from the Perl Community

Getting the Most from the Perl Community

By Ya'akov Sloman (‎Yaakov‎) from
Date: Monday, 8 June 2015 13:30
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Beginner
Language: English

We want you on the “inside”, here’s how to get there.

Like all F/OSS “communities” the Perl community is really a collection of affinity groups—circles of people of various numbers who share something that brings them together. Perl is the gravity that keeps these smaller groups in the same orbit; creating the “Perl community”.

Getting the most from the Perl community means finding one or more affinity groups where you feel at home, and which have utility for you. The groups in the Perl community are often very social in addition to being technical; so the community is not only a means to getting your work done but often a source of camaraderie.

Let’s take a look at some of the good entry points into the Perl orbit, and the possibility of adding to the community with your own affinity group.

Attended by: Marcus Del Greco, Russel Fisher (‎Fish‎), Rick Bychowski (‎rickbike‎), Beth Rhinelander, Kent Schaeffer, Kevin Metcalf (‎profmetcalf‎), James Morgan (‎Ven'Tatsu‎), Faelin Landy (‎wolf‎), Wes Malone (‎wesm‎), Jason Fuller, Greg Cole (‎wingfold‎), vroom, Upasana Shukla (‎upasana‎), Weldon Whipple, Jason Terry, Chris Hamilton, Grigor Karavardanyan (‎G‎), morgan jones, Chad Granum (‎Exodist‎), Andrew Baerg, Ramchand Karumuri, Travis Chase, Wesley Lattin (‎Wes‎), matt minkin, Andrea Nall, Eric Choi, Kyle Siemer (‎silvanus‎),