We have made arrangements with a site recommended by locals: The Oblivion Tap Room to host a large crowd for the YAPC Arrival Dinner.

Given the nature of the place, it will be possible to make this event more of a come and hang out destination than we've been able to have in past years. Just the same we have an official time of 6pm set for the dinner so everyone can have a common plan for arrival.

The location is 4 miles from the hotel and can be seen on this YAPC map:
The menu can be found here

If you plan to attend, we ask that you sign up here so we can provide The Oblivion with a rough head count.


  1. Todd Rinaldo (‎toddr‎)
  2. David H. Adler (‎dha‎)
  3. Steve Nolte (‎mcsnolte‎)
  4. Aaron Staves (‎astaves‎)
  5. Gabriel Munoz (‎gabriel‎)
  6. Jed Cunningham
  7. Erik Johansen (‎uniejo‎)
  8. Tino Ejlerskov (‎Tiejl‎)
  9. Dana Jacobsen (‎danaj‎)
  10. James E Keenan (‎kid51‎)
  11. atoomic
  12. Uri Guttman (‎uri‎)
  13. Michael Stevenson (‎mps‎)
  14. Jason Crome (‎CromeDome‎)
  15. Steven Nunnally
  16. Tushar Dave
  17. Jason Hall (‎Jayce^‎)
  18. David Oswald (‎davido‎)
  19. Doran Barton (‎fozz‎)
  20. Gautam Dey (‎gdey‎)
  21. Michael Hamlin (‎myrrhlin‎)
  22. Adam Boyers
  23. user:irishpebbles
  24. David Hand (‎Ptolemarch‎)
  25. R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)
  26. Greg Brennan
  27. user:estrabd
  28. David Nielson
  29. Russ Brewer (‎Russ‎)
  30. Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎)
  31. DrForr
  32. Mike Greb (‎mikegrb‎)
  33. Hunter Greb (‎huntergrb‎)
  34. Aaron Nelson
  35. Matt Meinwald
  36. Will Braswell (‎Will the Chill‎)
  37. Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎)
  38. Aran Deltac (‎bluefeet‎)
  39. Benjamin Noggle
  40. Ricc Ballard
  41. Ryan Rice
  42. Ervin Ruci (‎eruci‎)
  43. Henry Van Styn (‎vanstyn‎)
  44. Brent Laabs (‎labster‎)
  45. Noel Maddy (‎Zhtwn‎)
  46. Michael Conrad (‎nerdvana‎)
  47. user:gonzus
  48. user:bk2204
  49. Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎)
  50. Niall Durham (‎dbcooper‎)
  51. Domingo Hiracheta
  52. Deven Corzine (‎deven‎)
  53. Phillip Pegelow (‎philpeg‎)

Transport sign up

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