Name Michael Stevenson (‎mps‎)
City Groningen
Country Netherlands
Company University of Groningen
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Hello! I'm a media historian working on a project called 'Perl and the Early Web.' I'm afraid I am not much of a programmer myself (level 'basic currency converter'), but I'm very interested in making sense of the interrelated histories of Perl and the WWW.

At YAPC:NA I am hoping to hear from many of you to learn about your experiences with so-called Web 1.0 (roughly anytime before 2002). This includes how you discovered Perl, the kinds of projects that you worked on and the impact Perl had on them, the relationship between Perl philosophy and your (web development) work, your view on how web development has changed over the years, and so on.

More about me: I'm an assistant professor of media studies at the University of Groningen. My previous work includes histories of the magazines Wired and Mondo 2000, Wired's HotWired site from 1994, and Slashdot. The current project is funded by the Dutch national science foundation (NWO).

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