Name Mr. Brent Laabs (‎labster‎)
City Ventura, California
Country United States
Company Perceptyx Inc.


I, Brent "labster" Laabs, am a meteorologist from California. I currently work full-time for Perceptyx, Inc. as a Perl programmer

I started using Perl for work in 2000, went to university and got stuck using FORTRAN and Matlab, before coming back to Perl in the end. I've been submitting modules for Perl 6 (that now need updated), and I contributed much of the IO::Path/IO::Spec code in the Rakudo compiler. Some day, I hope to get back to that.

Other than programming, I'm interested in board gaming and tabletop RPGs, anime, writing fanfic. In my spare time, I write features for Mediawiki (unfortunately in PHP).

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