YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

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It is still not too late to be a speaker. Consider submitting a Lightning Talk today.


BOF stands for "Birds of Feather". These are smaller, less formal, self-organized meetings.

CPAN Testers BOF
PEP BOF - The Perl Email Project
Perl Teachers and Trainers BOF
Vanilla Perl BOF
Catalyst BOF
CGI::Application BOF
PGP Keysigning
Veggie BOF
MST3K II: Electric Boogaloo BOF

Places to Stay

Houston Map with all places of interest
University Hilton
Club Quarters
Private Apartments
Who's Staying Where
see also: http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2007/accommodations.html

Other Activities

Social Activities Resources
Pre-YAPC Goings-on
Post-YAPC Goings-on


Arrivals by air
Departures by air


Questions - Feel free to post questions and answers
Feedback - post feedback and comments


I realize that after YAPC, most (if not all) of the comments and feedback pertain to the conference itself. I'd like to go ahead and open it up for feedback and comments now so that registration, etc. is fresh on your mind. We'll be able to discuss a lot of it at the YAPC BOF. So please, feel free to post your Comments and Feedback.


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