Basic OO in Perl 6

Basic OO in Perl 6

By Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎) from
Date: Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:00
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate

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Perl 6 offers an impressive set of features around object orientation, including built-in classes, roles, attributes, multi method dispatch and much more.

In this session we'll cover some of the basic OO features that Perl 6 provides, and if there's time I'll provide some pointers towards some of the magic you can invoke by messing with the metamodel.

Attended by: Chad Granum (‎Exodist‎), Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎), Robert Threet (‎RAT‎), Tom Browder (‎tbrowder‎), David H. Adler (‎dha‎), Chris Shelton, Tushar Dave, Ruben Amortegui, Jason Crome (‎CromeDome‎), Matt Creenan, Josh Lavin (‎digory‎), Adam Boyers, Thomas Glase, Deven Corzine (‎deven‎), Aaron Nelson, Greg Cole (‎wingfold‎), Ian O'Toole, Leonard Harris, Gabriel Munoz (‎gabriel‎), Patrick Michaud (‎Pm‎), Chip Salzenberg (‎Chip‎), Adam Engle, Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎), Michael South (‎msouth‎), Tom Green (‎Tom‎), Kivanc Yazan, Tino Ejlerskov (‎Tiejl‎), Brent Laabs (‎labster‎),