Don't like crowds? Don't like the food options at the arrival dinner? Join us for the anti-arrival dinner.

This will take place on Sunday, 2015-06-07 at 6:30pm. We will meet in the lobby and walk to Himalayan Kitchen. It's a 10 minute walk so we will leave no later than 6:15.


  1. Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎)
  2. ... plus his lovely wife, Huey-Ling Chen
  3. Peter Sergeant (‎pete‎)
  4. Rick Bychowski (‎rickbike‎) - thinks this should be called the AutarchArrivalDinner.
  5. Nova Patch (‎patch‎)
  6. Sandy Patch
  7. Ya'akov Sloman (‎Yaakov‎)
  8. Sawyer X (‎Sawyer X‎)
  9. Brian Gottreu
  10. Ivan Kohler there is no veggie cabal
  11. Mickey Nasriachi (‎Mickey‎)
  12. Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)
  13. Wendy Van Dijk (‎woolfy‎)
  14. Elizabeth Mattijsen (‎liz‎)
  15. Brad Lhotsky
  16. Tim Bunce
  17. Andrew Hewus Fresh (‎AFresh1‎)
  18. Lisa Hewus Fresh (‎bugZPDX‎)
  19. Samuel Smith (‎esaym‎) (voting for Himalayan Kitchen)
  20. Michael South (‎msouth‎)
  21. Upasana Shukla (‎upasana‎)

There are 0 more spots available for our 21 person reservation.

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