First Time CPAN Contributor

First Time CPAN Contributor

By Adam Dutko (‎StylusEater‎) from
Date: Monday, 8 June 2015 14:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Beginner
Language: English
Tags: cpan modules perl

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

I gave a talk at YAPC::NA last year in Orlando, FL (2014) entitled "First Time CPAN Contributor." SawyerX mentioned I should explore using Dist::Zilla in lieu of Module::Starter. During this talk I will expand upon topics I mentioned last year and discuss how you can start incorporating Dist::Zilla into your workflow. If you want to learn how to use Module::Starter to create CPAN modules then you should attend this talk. If you want to learn how to transition from using Module::Starter to using Dist::Zilla then you should consider attending this talk. In general, I think you should attend this talk ... but then again I'm a bit biased.

Last years talk:

Attended by: Marcus Del Greco, Adam Dutko (‎StylusEater‎), Joseph Hall, Kent Schaeffer, Ben Wasley, Rick Bychowski (‎rickbike‎), Kevin Metcalf (‎profmetcalf‎), Faelin Landy (‎wolf‎), Phil Windley, Wes Malone (‎wesm‎), Jason Fuller, Greg Cole (‎wingfold‎), Josh Lavin (‎digory‎), Victor Stevko, Alan Young, Cora Davis, Upasana Shukla (‎upasana‎), Weldon Whipple, Jason Terry, Chris Hamilton, Theo van Hoesel (‎vanHoesel‎), Jack Killilea (‎jrK‎), Louis Erickson, Michael Hamlin (‎myrrhlin‎), Andrew Baerg, Travis Chase, matt minkin, Eric Choi, Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎), Brent Laabs (‎labster‎),