These are the BOFs which are not just suggestions, but which actually have people planning to attend.

Click the link below for a list of suggested BOFs which are not yet attended by anyone:

Suggested BOFs

Bad Movie Night

As has become traditional, YAPC::NA will have a Bad Movie Night for your enjoyment/horror.
Films shown in previous years include For Y'ur Height Only, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and It Conquered The World.
This year, Bad Movie Night will occur on Monday, after the Social. Room to be announced.

Please join us!

Perl 11 BOF

Come take part in a round-table discussion of all things related to Perl 11, including but not limited to:

Time: To Be Determined
Location: To Be Determined

Some people who will probably be there:

Knitting BOF

I know there are other knitters in the Perl community. Missed connection in Salt Lake City and other previous years. Let's meet up this time!

Scalability BOF

Scaling is hard. Do you have some horror stories you'd like to share? Or do you have some pain points you'd like to get suggestions for how to fix? Are there certain modules on CPAN that were lifesavers? Hopefully there are some success stories people can share and lessons they've learned.

Location: TBD
Time: TBD

Perl and the early web BOF

There’s an important story to be told about how Perl helped shape the web in the 1990s, and how web development has changed since then. Join to talk about anything from your first CGI script to your favorite anecdotes from the bubble. In addition to getting a nostalgia fix, you’ll be helping me map out themes for a research project on the (somewhat) shared histories of Perl, Perl culture and the web.

Location & time: TBD

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