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BOF stands for Birds of a Feather. They are informal discussion groups, formed in an ad-hoc manner.



* Add your name if you want to meet about CGI::Application or Titanium, and go ahead and suggest meeting times and spaces as well.


* Hack Perl and Haskell? Then let's meet up!

PPI/Perl::Critic BOF
* Discuss newer PPI and what its further needs are. Want help in using PPI?
* Discuss current Perl::Critic, either as a user or a developer. Have questions about a policy? Using Test::P::C? Come on down.

PerlMonks BOF
*Ever wonder what the person who just answered that question that had been stumping you was? Conferences are a great opportunity to meet your fellow monks. Last year we did "Lunch With Larry". If interested, let's meet up.

Pinball BOF
* Past years, there was a pinball game or two on campus. During a lunch period (say Tuesday), if there is a pinball game available, we'll head over towards the game and play the game, chat, and have a good time.

Geocaching BOF
* Geocaching is a 'sport' where you are the search engine. Given lat long coordinates, you head out on a quest to find geocaches. We'll meet and head out to a few around the campus.

Bad Movie BOF
* Tuesday or Wednesday evening: (For the time and place, just find one of us:)

Academic BOF
* The academic setting is a completely different environment than a typical corporate environment. Perl is capable of many things, which allow for rapid changes and big ideas.

*Let's meet up and discuss how perl is being used in an academic setting. How have you used perl in the past? Do you have any current projects currently centered around or being solved with perl?


* Ilia Lobsanov
* lukec
* Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)

Inclines BOF
* Zak Zebrowski

* Dick Cheney
* Barack Obama
* Regis Philbin

Mobile Devices BOF
* Anything perl related to mobile devices

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