What is YAPC?

YAPC is an acronym for Yet Another Perl Conference, a yearly Perl conference held by Perl programmers for the Perl community.

Where will YAPC be this year?

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When is YAPC?

June 22th through 24th.

Will there be a dinner at this YAPC?


Can I give a presentation at YAPC?

Yes! All that you have to do is come up with some topic relevant to Perl hackers. It doesn’t have to be about Perl, but it at least has to be something that most of the Perl hackers at the conference would like to hear about like web interface toolkits. Our Call for Papers will be on this website shortly. Check back for submission guidelines.

I'm flying. What's your airport?

You can fly into the Pittsburgh (PIT) airport.

Are there places to stay on campus?

Yes. We will have dorm rooms available.

Are there hotels near the campus?

Yes. We are working out deals for YAPC.

Corporate pricing explained.

YAPC delivers an incredible amount of conference for an unheard-of low price. YAPC admission prices are so low, however, that in certain corporate environments, you might have a difficult time convincing the powers that be that YAPC is a "real" conference. If you work in such an environment, we offer more seriously priced options — Corporate A, B, C, and D — which are otherwise identical to the normal payment options.

Do I have to use corporate pricing if I have a job?


If I am chosen as a speaker, do I have to pay for the conference?

Paid registration is voluntary for the conference if you are a speaker.

How can my company support YAPC?

There are many ways to support YAPC. This includes sponsorship, donation of goods for auction, publicity and advertisement, and equipment loans. If you want to support YAPC email organizers at yapc10.org or call 412.235.1533.