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BOF stands for Birds of a Feather. They are informal discussion groups, formed in an ad-hoc manner.





* Hack Perl and Haskell? Then let's meet up!

PPI/Perl::Critic BOF
* Discuss newer PPI and what its further needs are. Want help in using PPI?
* Discuss current Perl::Critic, either as a user or a developer. Have questions about a policy? Using Test::P::C? Come on down.

PerlMonks BOF
*Ever wonder what the person who just answered that question that had been stumping you was? Conferences are a great opportunity to meet your fellow monks. Last year we did "Lunch With Larry". If interested, let's meet up.

Pinball BOF
* Past years, there was a pinball game or two on campus. During a lunch period (say Tuesday), if there is a pinball game available, we'll head over towards the game and play the game, chat, and have a good time.

Geocaching BOF
* Geocaching is a 'sport' where you are the search engine. Given lat long coordinates, you head out on a quest to find geocaches. We'll meet and head out to a few around the campus.

Bad Movie BOF

Academic BOF


* Ilia Lobsanov
* lukec
* Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)

Inclines BOF
* Zak Zebrowski

* Dick Cheney
* Barack Obama
* Regis Philbin

Mobile Devices BOF
* Anything perl related to mobile devices

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