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Welcome to the YAPC::NA 2009 Conference Wiki

This is your wiki for the 2009 YAPC Perl Conference, to be held in Pittsburgh, PA on 22-24 June 2009. This wiki is for all attendees to add content about co-ordinating getting to/from the conference, events prior, during and after the conference and anything the attendees may wish to know about.

Please use it to your heart's content. If you think something is missing, please add it, it's your wiki :)

The Conference

Travel and Accommodation



  • A Facebook Event has been created to promote the conference, so feel free to add yourself and invite your friends. You can add any photos, links, etc. too, and can contact us via info at for further details. And remember to register here too :)
  • Tags are used to located material related to the 2009 YAPC conference, this is of course more interesting during or after the conference has taken place, but please use the official tag: #YAPCNA10 to tag your blogs, pictures and other stuff you want to share so it will be easy to locate

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