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Anyone want to bring some decks and sling some Magic? I was going to suggest a board game night, but I don't think I can fit even one game into my luggage. Decks are small. Trey Harris

See Games BOF :) Adri Mills

Geocaching BOF

Anyone up for doing some geocaching??

I am - Zak Zebrowski

I could travel schedule is pretty tight, though. Glad at least to know that I'm not the only GPS geek in attendance. =) Rick Scott (‎shadowspar‎)


Summer solstice means lots of daylight! Anyone interested in some riding, off-road or on? bennymack

LGBT get-together

Check LGBT get-together to express interest.


YAPC is a great opportunity to run in an unfamiliar town. Is anyone interested in an early morning or late night run? Jason Switzer (‎s1n‎)


YAPC is a great opportunity to take photographs and there are plenty of us bringing cameras. So who is up for some photographic excursions. I learned in the irc channel that the Hot Metal Bridge is apparently a great opportunity at night time.

Let's organise some events here for us all to meet up at: PhotographyExcursions

I am mdk/markie - Mark Keating of Shadowcat user:markie


The Pittsburg Pirates will be hosting the Cleveland Indians Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at PNC Park at 7:05pm. PNC Park is a short bus ride on the Port Authority #500 from CM. Tickets are still available for $26 or less. I (Paul Lalli (‎MrItty‎)) will be going to the Tuesday night game.

Anyone up for a Wednesday night game?


We are planning on having a YAPC BOF during lunch Wednesday. Anyone who has organized a YAPC or who thinks they might want to organize a YAPC is invited to join. We'll meet up at noon in front of the break/refreshment room and figure out where to go. See you there.

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