Wednesday Night Pull Request Challenge

Come join your fellow Perl developers and module maintainers for an evening of bug squashing and developing as you participate in the 2016 Pull Request Challenge. Or, bring your own pet project and just enjoy hacking amongst your like-minded peers. Individuals of all skill and interest levels are encouraged to attend.

Now that YAPC::NA is upon us, you may start hacking now - to select a module and track your PRs submitted, update You may choose to work on anything you wish. You also don't have to RSVP (below) if you're not planning on attending the Wednesday Night event.

Food will be provided Wednesday Night. Please RSVP below.

Wednesday 6/22, from 6pm-10pm (or longer if things are rock'in)

The ballroom following lightning talks at the end of the day

Anyone interested in contributing or learning to contribute code to Perl's wonderful ecosystem of modules.

We will provide a pool of eligible modules (from the 2016 PRC effort) from which one may choose; participants may also come with their own projects and recruit others to help in their effort.


Add your name to only one of the following lists if you're going to attend.

People who just want to code

People who will be hanging out, maybe helping, maybe coding, maybe just ... hanging out

People who have projects that need some development

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