YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC

Wiki Pages = == Con­fer­ence == Sug­gest a BOF/Hac­kathon Ideas for talks Feed­back to the or­ganiz­ers Chat about YAPC on IRC Group Re­gistra­tion Training/Clas­ses Lig­htningTalks Speak­ers, when talks are scheduled, please up­date your talk de­scrip­tion to pro­vide a link to the slides that you used for the talk. Links forthcom­ing. == Logis­tics == Who will you dorm with Dorm rooms and hotels Meals/Din­ing (com­ing soon) Who is stay­ing where? Arriv­als and de­par­tures ­Carpool­ing to the con­fer­ence? Rides from the air­port Rides to the air­port == Cam­pus == Con­fer­ence Rooms and Loc­a­tions == Meta Con­fer­ence == Pre-conference Ac­tivit­ies Post-conference Ac­tivit­ies Th­ings to do in Col­um­bus == Re­cruit­ing and job seek­ers

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