YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC

Pre-conference Activities

Pre-Conference Dinner, Sunday, June 26

A YAPC::NA tradition (as is the vegetarian Anti-pre-conference-dinner). Let's start the discussion. James E Keenan (‎kid51‎)


I'm planning on hiking in the area on Saturday and/or Sunday. If anyone's interested in joining or if you have suggestions, please post here. —Nova Patch (‎patch‎)

Hiking in AVL

There are many places to hike around Asheville. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes through the Asheville area. To the south on the BRP, Mt. Pisgah... to the north, Craggy Gardens. There's also some good hikes around the NC Arboretum, which is not too far from the Conference site, and has a very nice Bonsai exhibit. Rick Bolen

Camping near AVL

Lake Powhatan Recreational Area is adjacent to the Arboretum. It has a nice campground. Rick Bolen

A Drive

There's a nice ~30min drive (or biking loop, time ?) on the BRP from US70 east of AVL (Tunnel Road) north to Town Mountain Road which returns to downtown AVL. You could also extend this the drive nearer the Conference and had north until Town Mountain Rd. Rick Bolen

Irish Session

There's a traditional Irish music session at Jack of the Wood (downtown, I think) Sunday evening at 5. --Solomon Foster (‎colomon‎)

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