YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC


The Yet Another Perl Conference is a high-quality, inexpensive technical conference with its roots in the Perl Mongers user groups. The conference celebrates the Perl programming language and is meant to be accessible to anyone, regardless of experience, yet valuable to even the most skilled of programmers. Each year the conference attracts hundreds of programmers from around the world, including luminaries such as Larry Wall, Allison Randal, and Damian Conway.

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Latest News

2011/07/14 See you at YAPC::NA::2012!

Thank you all for a wonderful conference! Please join us next year at YAPC::NA::2012, hosted in beautiful Madison Wisconsin!

2011/06/14 Late Registration and BOF/Hackathon Updates

The late registration price of 150 USD went into affect 2011-06-13.

BOF/Hackathon requests will be accepted up until 2011-06-17 end of day. We have lots of room available during conference hours, and much much more room available during the training sessions.

If you're attending YAPC::NA 2011 and have an idea for a Hackathon, now's the time to set it up!

You can 'sign up' for BOFs on their wiki pages so that organizers can gauge interest. The current BOF list is available here, and there are a few more in the works!

2011/06/07 Reminder: regular pricing ending soon!

As a heads up, the regular pricing of 100 USD will end 2011-06-12 at 23:59:59 EST5EDT. After this, it will increase to the late registration price of 150 USD.

2011/05/30 Class open for registration: Starting off correctly (CPAN, modules, and testing)

The YAPC::NA Organizers are happy to announce that PerlTraining.au's own Jacinta Richardson will be presenting a corporate training course "Starting off correctly (CPAN, modules and testing)" The course will be held on Thursday June 30th, and will cost $250/per person (Price does not include registration for the conference). We are very happy to have this course, which has been offered around the world for various corporate clients.

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