Wiki - AreYouReadyForYAPC

Are you ready for YAPC|10?

Have you ....

* printed your campus map
* bought your ticket
* purchased a Parking Pass
* found a Place to stay
* added your self to the Arrival Dinner or the Anti Arrival Dinner
* signed up or set up a BOF
* signed up or set up a Hackathon
* registered for a Course
* let people know where you are staying
* let people know how you are coming and going
* signed up the yapc mailing list
* set up to follow us on twitter
* signed on to
* joined the LinkedIn Group
* joined the Facebook Group
* set your t-shirt size
* donated an item to the Auction
* primed up your laptop with whatever code, media, or presentations you'll need
* Added the YAPC|10 phone number to your address book. 412.235.1533
** What is this number for? The unknown. You never know what might happen and you want to get in touch with a YAPC|10 organizer.
* told friends to come to YAPC|10

* What else do you do to prepare for YAPC?

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