Name Mr. Rikus Goodell
City Houston
Country United States
Perl mongers group
Company cPanel
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My first exposure to Perl was shortly after the turn of the millennium, when I started playing with various programming languages as a teenager, and Perl quickly became a favorite. For well over a decade, Perl has been my preferred tool for almost any task, small or large.

My first paying Perl job was in 2011, and I have continued working as a developer using Perl since that time.

I've attended YAPC::NA in Madison (2012), Austin (2013), Orlando (2014), and Salt Lake City (2015), and YAPC::Europe in Sofia (2014), Granada (2015), Cluj-Napoca (2016), and Amsterdam (2017).

I will also be at YAPC Europe in Cluj-Napoca (2016).

Thank you to cPanel, Inc. (my employer) for sending me to these conferences, and, more importantly, for sponsoring them.

My first name is pronounced REE-kuhs. Detail:

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