YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC

The venue this year, the Crowne Plaza Resort, is the main means of accommodation.

Heath Bair (‎Candybar‎) just called (5/6/2011) and made a reservation for the conference and was told they were almost full. The only rooms left were the $98 a night doubles.

Paul Driver (‎frodwith‎) just called (5/10/2011) to make a reservation, and all their conference rooms are booked. They have some other rooms available at a higher price, it sounds like.

Walt Mankowski (‎waltman‎) just called (5/10/2011, 2:40 pm) and was told the cheapest rooms left were the $139/night villas.

Jason Crome (‎CromeDome‎) just called (5/11/2011, 5:45pm) and was told the last remaining rooms are $98/night doubles.

Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎) just called (5/20/2011, 13:06 PST) and was told that $98/night doubles are currently not available on Sun 6/26 and Wed 6/29.

Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎) was able to successfully book (5/23/2011) a double at the $98/night rate for Sun 5/26 to Thurs 5/30. See the news regarding more rooms becoming available.

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