YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC


Organizer: Heath Bair (‎Candybar‎)
When: Wed June 29th 12:30-1:00PM EST @ Mulligan’s Bar

What is good about ACT
What is bad about ACT
What changes would we like to see in ACT
How can we make ACT better
Perhaps work on checking out copies of the code we can play with


Heath Bair (‎Candybar‎)
Matthew Horsfall (‎alh‎)
R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)
Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎)
Michael Aquilina (‎aquilina‎)

<Your name here>


The following list is "Things that would be cool for ACT" that came out of the ACT BOF.


The issues below have been entered into github and are now being tracked here:


If you'd like to help out, feel free to grab an unclaimed issue and go to work :)

-- Matthew Horsfall (‎alh‎)

******End Note******

Schedule Printouts have both a single room printout and a daily printout. The website can not be directly printed without messing with the CSS to get it to print better.

Lighting Talk Speakers are not Conference speakers and should be dealt with differently. There needs to be a way to not allow Lighting Talk speakers to get a free registration.

A BOF should be just like a talk and you should be able to submit a request for an "open time" slot yourself and not have to work with the conference team.

You should be able to create an event that is not tied to a room and have it show up on the schedule.

ACT needs to have a badge template that can be edited and the conference administrators can generate a PDF for print directly out of ACT.

Facebook Connect for ACT (This may already be possible)

The Wiki toolkit needs updated because it is very easily broken.

ACT needs to be able to do bulk emailing off of a template. For example: Bulk email registered but unpaid people. It was asked to consider adding bulk actions to the users page for mass accept or mass email.

The receipt that is auto-generated out of ACT is not acceptable. There needs to be a template that can be edited to allow for a proper email receipt.

There needs to be a Paid, UnPaid, and "Just Interested" account status. People register for YAPC only to get more details on the conference and not to attend it.

Have an RSS feed of "Accepted Talks" to make pushing news easier.

Convert ACT from SVN to Get (This is already being worked on)

Have Real Descriptions and Teaser Descriptions. The YAPC admins can see real descriptions but the teasers are shown until the talk is finished and then ACT shows the real description.
Once a talk is accepted the speaker is email notified with a URL they can click on to confirm their talk. Then a second email is generated with "Thank you for confirimg your talk here is your speaker discount code" or "Thank you for your talk the speaker discount has been applied to your registration"
Cron email out each week all unconfirmed talks until the speaker confirms it.

There needs to be a new role for sponsors. Where they can log in and bulk register who is going to attend. The bulk registration should be <username> or <first, last, email> where the later would auto generate a junk password.

There should be default Wiki pages that are preinstalled into every YAPC with the generic details from a template that can be changed.

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