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Many conference attendees have expressed interest in trying on Kilts, ordering Kilts, and looking at Kilts. We have contacted Celtic Corner (from Cincinnati) and are setting up this page as a communication place to build interest.

So, if you're interested in looking, or in ordering, please add your names below:

  • (mst) - ordering, stand or no stand
  • I (Zak) would be interested in one. -- I might not be able to attend this year. Please contact me if necessary.
  • (scrottie) - I'd love to see YAPC kilted
  • (dhoss) - what (mst) said
  • (nperez) - I want my balls to be free from the tyranny of pants
  • (cowens) - The only reason I have not ordered one yet is I am worried about the lack of a beer-gut-cut
  • cwest - Bring a Survival (34 waist, 21.5 length, black) and I'll take it from you (for money)
  • oylenshpeegul - Who can pass up a web page with a "balls" tag?
  • (khaos) - I would buy one for my husband as he has been talking about doing this for over a year...
  • hercynium - nothing like hanging out with a few good japhs
  • genehack - +1 in the (mst) column
  • (dapatrick) - +1
  • krishnoid - interested in checking them out
  • Packy Anderson - I've put off getting one long enough, I'm going to spend the time between now and the conference convincing my wife to let me get one! (58 waist, 21 length, original tan)
  • (triddle) - Having the vendor on site would go a long way towards getting me to purchase one on an impulse buy.
  • (Candybar) - Yeah I am with triddle on that one.
  • bluefeet - Oh ya, looking forward to it.

Note that comments other than adding yourself to the list should go at the
bottom of the page. Cheers.

Contact Information

Telephone Sales:
Local: 513-528-5578 (2:PM to 6:PM, Monday through Friday (Closed Wednesday), Eastern Time)

From Celtic Corner

Thank you for asking us to do the convention on June 22nd. We will be happy to be there. Please send us more details.

We were wondering if you need us to bring other products. Please look at our website to see our merchandise.

Lenora and Louise

Below please enter your comments, questions, or express your interest in Celtic Corner.

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