Parking Passes are $5 per day or portion thereof and can be purchased from Conference Services at any time throughout the year.

Garage tokens are $6/visit and can be purchased from Conference Services with advanced notice.

Conference Sponsors should instruct their participants to park in “C” lots for check-in and during their stay. On North Campus, this would include the Jesse Owens lot on Neil Avenue and the Taylor Tower lot on Curl Drive. On South Campus, this would include the “C” Lots adjacent to the Morrison Tower garage on 10th Avenue.

For those not staying in the dorms, visitor parking is available at the Student Union parking garage adjacent to the Ohio Union building.

Conference Services is required to sell parking passes for every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. From Friday afternoon at 4pm to Sunday evening at midnight, “C” passes can be used to park in A, B, or C spaces. Monday at 12:01 am through Friday at 4:00 pm, however, guest passes will be restricted to “C” lots.

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