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Shared Dorm Room

If you plan on staying with someone else in the dorms please put your names together here in this wiki. If you don't then we will pair you with other attendees.

Name, Name, Name

DONE Aran Deltac, Shawn Faison
DONE Dieter Pearcey, Ricardo Signes
DONE Graham Knop, Doug Bell
DONE Deven Corzine, Sherry Wintrow
DONE Jason May, Todd Chapman
DONE Packy Anderson, Will Coleda (coke)
DONE Bryan Abfalter, Brian Shilling
DONE Shawn M Moore, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
DONE Scott Walters, John Beppu
DONE Lara Ortiz de Montellano, Victor Stevko
DONE chas owens ram dobson
DONE Ricardo Signes Hans Dieter Pearcey
DONE Jacinta Richarson Paul Fenwick
DONE Mark Jubenville Olaf Alders
DONE Jason May Todd Chapman
DONE Senad Sopovic Robert Ward
DONE Curtis Jewell Stephen Scaffidi
DONE Chris Nehren iank
DONE Scott Beck, Melissa Hull (gf)
Tommy Stanton, Jamie Pitts
Wes Malone, Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt
Mark Stosberg, Matt Christian
Samy Kamkar, ???
Andrew Baumhauer, ???

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