For all those that are flying into CMH and would like a ride from the airport to campus put your flight information we have a shuttle doing pickups.

We have arranged a shuttle that will run folks from the airport to campus from 2 PM to 7 PM on Sunday.

The shuttle will be outside the baggage claim area in the designated shuttle area, and is operated by Urban Express. Look for the Urban Express shuttle in the shuttle area. It should have a YAPC sign in the window. Their phone number is 614-253-7000; however, you will not have to call them in order to get a ride.

Another option is the COTA Route 52 bus, the OSU/Airport express. It runs every 75 minutes between the airport and Ohio Union, and fare is $1.75. However, it will only run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The last bus leaves at 9:29 PM Sunday. If you arrive after that (or on Monday) you'll need to catch a cab or arrange for a pickup.

Delta 6106 arr. Saturday 13:04 (AMS - DTW on Delta 272; DTW - CMH on Delta 6106)
- Abigail

UAL 410 Arrival (CMH): June 20, 14:56 PM EDT (afternoon)
- Chris Fedde (‎cfedde‎) could use a ride or will bus it.

Delta 2154 arr. Sunday 05:45
- DrForr, can hang around until others show.

United Airlines 7104 arr. Sunday 09:36

US Airways 3960, arr. Sunday 13:08
- Ricardo Signes (‎rjbs‎)

Continental 2829, arr. Sunday 13:35
- Perrin Harkins (‎perrin‎)

Arr! Sunday 15:47
- Scott Walters (‎scrottie‎)

American Airline 1596, arr. Sunday 18:15
- Arthur Schmidt (‎fREW‎) + Wes Malone

United 332, arr. Sunday 23:59
- Jacinta Richardson (‎jarich‎) could use any local help

After shuttle

Delta 6334 arr. Sunday 19:37 (I'm taking Delta 1814 from LAX to CVG, then Delta 6334 to CMH).
- Thomas Stanton (‎tstanton‎) (looking for ride from airport to dorm)

Southwest Airlines 1571, arr. Sunday 22:35
- chromatic (looking for ride from airport to dorm)

Joe Kline (‎gizmo‎) might be able to assist folks, maybe the Dread Pirate Richardson and/or chromatic...I'm usually awake at that time. *Update:* Looks like I'll be picking up chromatic and Jon Swartz. That's all I have room for unless I move around some booster seats.

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