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Okay, every year we talk about this, and we never do it. Anybody up for a dinner or something? If you don't want to post on the wiki, email me at with your interest. Trey Harris

I don't have any free nights for dinner, but maybe lunch? Adri Mills

I'm in, I had no idea we existed. user:Mark Canlas

I'm interested, and available until other BOFs start pinning down dates/times. Let's pick a day for lunch and go for it. Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎)

Okay, lunch... Monday? Tuesday? By Wednesday people are already leaving. Trey Harris

I think I'd prefer Tuesday, but either is fine. Adri Mills

Tuesday will give us more time since it's just a few hours till Monday lunch. So who's up for Tuesday lunch? Trey Harris

Tuesday is fine by me. Elliot Shank

That sounds great. I didn't know we existed either. (chris nielsen, sparc)

Tuesday Lunch

Okay, Tuesday lunch it is. Let's meet in the University Center courtyard (outside the lounge and the convenience store) at 11:40 (morning sessions end at 11:35, afternoon sessions start at 13:00). Add your name here:

* Trey Harris
* user:jjore
* Adri Mills
* Elliot Shank
* Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎)
* chris nielsen, sparc
* Nathaniel Smith (‎Nate‎) I think I'm in.

We're leaving for Spice Island Teahouse, 253 Atwood St.: Map

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