YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

Wiki - Sunday Night Dinner

For folks who are arriving earlier than Monday, make your plans here.

Arrival Dinner (Alternative Small(ish) Group Dinner option at bottom)

If you have a car with available seats or need a ride please gather in the Dorm lobby. We will try to match cars and bodies. There will be a large first group at 5:30pm. The pre-registration starts at 3pm in the same location. If you are staying in the Hilton please collect anyone who is waiting in the lobby there and journey to the Dorms.

The official arrival dinner will be at Cadillac Bar on I-10 and Shepherd (Google). We will likely carpool to get people there as it's a little north and west of downtown. We have a room reserved from 6p - 10p (they close at 10p). Cash bar (pay for your drinks yourself). Payments for meal taken upon arrival. Please, please, please bring cash for the meal :-). Your bar tab can be credit card or whatever means you'd like to pay with, but cash for the actual meal makes it much easier on us to pay Cadillac Bar. Feel free to bring any guests with you.

Menu voting is over and the winner is Fiesta en Guadalajara!

(all inclusive, minus bar drinks)
Fiesta en Guadalajara
Appetizer: Chile con Queso and shrimp quesadillas
Entrée: Beef and chicken fajitas served with all the trimmings
Served with Mexican rice and refried beans
Dessert: Traditional flan and tres leches
Beverage: Iced Tea or Soda
22.50 per person


I've moved the names that voted for the winning menu and the names that had no preference below. The others are located under Unconfirmed. Please feel free to move your name under Attending if you'll be attending. Follow the format of the incrementing numbered list.


  1. Jeremy Fluhmann (‎jfluhmann‎)
  2. Faber Fedor (‎faber‎)
  3. Joey Kelly (‎mmlj4‎)
  4. Karsten Dahms
  5. Makoto Nozaki (‎makoto‎)
  6. Uri Guttman (‎uri‎)
  7. Kent Cowgill (‎chargrill‎)
  8. Drew Taylor (‎drewbie‎)
  9. Martin Kamara
  10. José Castro (‎cog‎)
  11. Abigail
  12. Jim Parker
  13. R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎) (I have a car)
  14. Stephen Carter
  15. James E Keenan (‎kid51‎)
  16. Barbie
  17. Ricardo Signes (‎rjbs‎)
  18. Pip Stuart (‎Pip‎) (assuming I can get from the airport to dinner location in time)
  19. John Cappiello (‎jcap‎)
  20. Heath Bair (‎Candybar‎) (My flight lands at 5:00 so I might be late)
  21. Kevin Falcone (‎jibsheet‎)
  22. David H. Adler (‎dha‎)
  23. Dave O'Neill (‎dave0‎)
  24. Perrin Harkins (‎perrin‎)
  25. Lawrence Hixson (‎Larry‎)
  26. Karen Pauley
  27. Robin Darby (Congrats on the most techie wiki markup :)
  28. Mark P Sullivan
  29. Walt Mankowski (‎waltman‎)
  30. Christopher Madsen (‎cjm‎) (Probably closer to 7pm)
  31. Elizabeth Cholet (‎zrusilla‎)
  32. Bill Benedetto (‎willikers‎)
  33. Hans Dieter Pearcey (‎confound‎)
  34. Ben Warfield
  35. Bill Odom ("I am not a number. I am a free man!")
  36. Richard Dice ("And I went up there, I said, 'Shrink, I want to kill.'")
  37. Marc Prewitt
  38. Randal Schwartz (‎merlyn‎)
  39. Mike Fragassi (‎frag‎)
  40. Andrew Moore (‎amoore‎)
  41. JoshMcAdams
  42. Michael Peters (‎mpeters‎)
  43. Casey West (‎cwest‎) (I'll be late, will arrive for drinks.)
  44. Michele Berg
  45. djz
  46. Brian Cassidy
  47. Dan Magnuszewski (‎magnachef‎)
  48. Andrew Rodland (‎hobbs‎) assuming there's room yet :)
  49. M W (‎diakopterXXX‎) (hoping there's enough room)
  50. Kevin Nichols
  51. Robert Blackwell (‎rblackwe‎)


Peter Halliday

Small(ish) Group Dinner

I (Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎)) would like to do something low-key with a smaller group (< 20). I don't really like huge crowds, and I don't want to try to organize any sort of huge dinner.

We will meet at Oberholtzer's lobby/front door at 6:00 PM. Email me (autarch@urth.org) for my cell if you think you want to come but can't make it right at 6.

Sign up if you're interested. We'll go somewhere veg-friendly ...

Also seen attending:

Just like last year, huh? I started an anti-arrival dinner, and ended up bailing on you guys ;-) --- Joey Kelly (‎mmlj4‎)

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