YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

Wiki - SpaceCenter

Lyndon B Johnson Space Center

Seeing as it's so close, I wondered how easy it is to get to the facility to enjoy a visit round. The website (link below) contains lots of info about the exhibits, costs and the like, but doesn't give anything that I would consider useful about getting from Houston city centre to the Space Center itself, such as trains or buses between the two. For out-of-towners, pointing to Google Maps isn't helpful. So, can anyone local, or who has been, add any useful information or links that could help.

from Debbie Campbell (Houston local)
You can make reservations, or you can call for same-day service. Note that the Kemah Boardwalk has free live music on Thursday(?) evenings. So, one could conceivably do Space Center Houston during the day and then hit the Kemah Boardwalk on the way back to UH. (But expect it to be *HOT*.)

Yellow Cab Houston: www.yellowcabhouston.com
(713) 236-1111
Estimated Distance: 22.76 miles
Estimated Fare: $49.30 (one way)

Sunday Afternoon

Unfortunately this didn't happen :(


As the above trip didn't happen, if people are staying after Wednesday and are not attending the master classes, if you would like to join José and I (Barbie), please add your name below. We will try and arrange a time during the conference, although around 12pm would be good.

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