YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

Abuse Perl

Abuse Perl

By Casey West (‎cwest‎) from Pittsburgh.pm
Date: Monday, June 25, 2007 04:05 PM
Duration: 50 minutes

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Perl loves to be abused. You can beat it, kick it, and spit on it, and Perl will always say "I'm sorry" first. Under most circumstances we're taught to avoid abusing Perl. You know, just yell at it instead of throwing it down the stairs. In this talk we're not taking no for an answer, and we're going to pull your hair, Perl!

I'm going to show you a lot of ways to abuse Perl that you may already know. What Perl doesn't want you to know is that you can use these tricks to your benefit, for your own good! Shut up, Perl!

Learn how to make Perl answer these questions, wether it likes it or not:

* how can we replace a base class of the package we're subclassing?
* how can I replace methods and functions in another object directly?
* how can I monitor what code does to my variable?
* how can I inject debugging in other code?
* how can I customize an open source project without touching any of its code?

Go ahead, slap Perl around a little!