Birds of a Feather

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Guitar/Music BOF

* Joe Axford (‎j0e‎) I would like to host a Guitar/Music BOF. I brought my 1938 Gibson J-35, a sweet little Headstrong 'Lil King tube amp, and a Lowden - another decent acoustic guitar for others to play if they feel like it. Hoping others may bring guitars or other instruments and join me. Any harp players to wail on some blues?

Don't be a closet guitarist, I know your out there, let's get together and play some tunes!

UPDATE: I'll book some time Tuesday evening in the BOF room and hang out with my J-35 and will have my Lowden with me for others to use. Stop by and play a tune or two! I have several books filled with traditional songs and I can probably play along with about anything you may lay on me. I'll look for you tonight Noel!

Noel Maddy (‎Zhtwn‎) Can't help you with guitars or blues, but I'm bringing my new Etherwave Theremin -- might be able to mangle a tune or two.

Scalability BoF

Scaling is hard. Do you have some horror stories you'd like to share? Or do you have some pain points you'd like to get suggestions for how to fix? Are there certain modules on CPAN that were lifesavers? Hopefully there are some success stories people can share and lessons they've learned.

Location: Idaho room
Time: Tuesday, Noon to 1pm

Knitting BoF

Tired of vim vs emacs? How about 'toe up' vs 'ankle down'? We'll sit together, whip out our WIPs and do a few rows. Perhaps talk of software tools we're using in our yarnie adventures. Neophytes who want tips how to get started are welcome. And "knitting" here means "knitting/crochet/spinning".

Location: TBD
Time: TBD

WWDC Keynote BOF

Apple's WWDC conference is being held opposite YAPC this year. The keynote will be 11-1 on Monday. I'm hoping some folks might want to skip part of the Day 1 Lightning Talks and find a room to watch the WWDC keynote together.

Location: TBD
Time: Monday, 11 am - 1 pm

Bad Movie Night

For many years, it's been traditional to have an evening of bad films at YAPC::NA. With any luck, the venue will have a room we can use in the evening, and we can scrounge a projector.

Update: We have a room!

Location: Arizona Room, Monday 7:30pm

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