YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC

Starting off correctly (CPAN, modules and testing)
By Jacinta Richardson (‎jarich‎) from Melbourne.pm
Date: Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:00
Duration: 420 minutes
Target audience: Beginner

This course covers using and creating modules for your code. This course assumes you are familiar with basic Perl syntax, subroutines and conditionals.

You will learn:

* about CPAN and how to install CPAN modules both in system directories and locally;
* how to write and use Perl modules and packages;
* how to use Module::Starter to start your modules off on the right foot;
* how to test your modules with Test::More;
* about coverage testing and how to improve your tests' coverage;
* about using Perl::Critic to evaluate and improve your module code.

This is a hands on course where you will be writing a module from scratch, using Module::Starter and writing tests. Attendees are requested to bring a laptop with Perl installed for the full day.