YAPC::NA 2011 • Asheville, NC

How NOT to build a multi-million dollar eCommerce system
By Cory Watson (‎gphat‎)
Date: Monday, 27 June 2011 14:55
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Tags: and_get_a_hat

I architected and implemented a multi-million dollar eCommerce system using the cream of the Perl crop. We joined the community, contributed to projects and have succeeded in deploying a stable, high performance site. Now let me tell you all the shit I did wrong. Deadlocks, forgotten features, data loss, lack of reporting, terrible schemas and general nincompoopery will assist you as we take a whirlwind tour of how NOT to build the future of your company. Revel in my trials and tribulations as I lament poor database structure, bad team management and terrible development practices. Maybe you'll learn from my failures. I've taken the time to point out some lessons learned while I was at it. It wasn't all bad and it's my hope that you will benefit from my mistakes.

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