Perl 6 today

Perl 6 today

By Patrick Michaud (‎Pm‎) from
Date: Monday, June 22, 2009 01:00 PM
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Any
Tags: perl6 rakudo

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Rakudo Perl (Perl 6 on Parrot) continues to progress nicely, and new features of the language are being added all of the time. This talk jumps right to practical examples of using Perl 6 in Rakudo:

* How to obtain and build the latest Rakudo Perl 6
* Variables
* Contextualizers
* Statements and Iterators
* Basic I/O
* Metaoperators (hypers, reductions, crosses)
* Subroutines
* Classes, methods, inheritance
* Roles

All of the examples in the talk will contain working Perl 6 code that can be used today in Rakudo Perl.

Attended by: Lee Aylward (‎leedo‎), Jesse Vincent, Patrick Michaud (‎Pm‎), Craig Pluchinsky, Christoph Otto (‎cotto‎), Robert Boone (‎rlb3‎), Tim Heaney (‎oylenshpeegul‎), Shana Andreychek, Joshua Gatcomb, Ilia Lobsanov, brian janaszek, Todd Presta, Dean Serenevy (‎duelafn‎), Lawrence Hixson (‎Larry‎), Marcus Del Greco, Joakim Lagerqvist, Jaldhar Vyas (‎jaldhar‎), Seth Viebrock, Christopher Madsen (‎cjm‎), Trey Harris, Nick, chris becker, Sean McCune (‎pghcoder‎), Mike Greb (‎mikegrb‎), Tyler Neu, Josh McAdams (‎jmcadams‎), Hildo Biersma, Mike Kelly (‎pioto‎), Mark Jensen, Paul Makepeace (‎paulm‎), Patrick Mclaughlin, Chanda Unmack (‎teleute‎),