Saturday and Sunday: ParrotHackathon (somewhere in the dorms?)


Sunday 1:05pm BaseballGame.

Blues Night

i (uri) am aiming to arrive on friday (as i have to leave on thursday). last time in chicago i went to a local blues club and had a great time (but i was solo). if anyone wants to join me sign up here. this would likely be saturday night and the time and club will be determined later.

Update: There is now a Blues BOF

Gangster Tour



There are a few festivals taking place this weekend that would be convenient for visiting prior to the Pre-Conference Dinner:

Further away, there's also the Festa Pasta Vino in the "Heart of Italy" neighborhood.

Also, note that The Shedd Aquarium is having its free community days from June 15th to the 20th. During these days, general admission is free; seeing the special exhibits (i.e., the dolphins, whales and sharks) will still require a charge. The same is true for The Adler Planetarium. The Museum of Science and Industry has free days from the 17th to the 22nd, if you're staying after the conference.
And The Lincoln Park Zoo is always free.

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