There are a few options for housing at YAPC this year ranging from on-campus budget accommodations to five star hotels in and around the Loop. The easiest option is to stay in the on-campus housing reserved for YAPC attendees, the McCormick Student Village. If you do want to stay in a hotel, we previously recommended Club Quarters; however, the login for our discount seems to have expired. If you don't mind being a little devious, you can easily search the web for other passwords that will work while we try to get IIT's password. If you do end up being able to register on the site, either of the downtown locations are a short walk to the Green Line, which provides a direct connection to the IIT campus. Alternatively, we encourage people to use the wiki to organize at another hotel as they see fit.

You can now purchase on-campus accommidations. The rates are $60/night for a single room and $100/night for a double room. Rooms come with twin beds and linens. They are dorms, so don't expect a luxury hotel; however, $60/night in Chicago during the summer is a steal.

When checking out using the conference payment system be sure to check any checkboxes, as well as, radio buttons for items that you plan to purchase.

And finally, if you are on a budget and want to stay downtown, book at room at Hostelling International Chicat. HI Chicago is a top-rate hostel and is highly recommended.

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