YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

Under the hood at a bioinformatics project

Under the hood at a bioinformatics project

By Beth Skwarecki from Ithaca.pm
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 04:25 PM
Duration: 20 minutes

See what it takes to run a bioinformatics website like the one at
sgn.cornell.edu that processes, catalogues, and displays genomic
data. Our project is powered by six programmers, a couple terabytes of
data, and a lot of perl code. In this 20-minute under-the-hood tour,
I'll show what sorts of nucleotide-crunching a project like ours does,
and what kinds of tools and machines we use to do it. Hear about our
challenges and successes in maintaining databases, clusters, mirror
sites and data-processing pipelines, and our work with the
International Tomato Sequencing Project.

SGN (http://sgn.cornell.edu) is a bioinformatics project based at
Cornell in Ithaca, NY, that studies tomatoes and their relatives -
including potatoes, peppers, coffee, and other plants you may have
heard of.