YAPC::NA 2007

June 25-27, Houston, TX

Preparing For CPAN

Preparing For CPAN

By Barbie from Birmingham.pm
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 01:30 PM
Duration: 50 minutes

Audience: Intermidate Perl knowledge, can install modules from CPAN.
Category: Perl Modules

This talk takes a look at how a CPAN author might need to think about preparing a distribution they wish to upload to CPAN. The talk will deal with a Perl distribution, but the content of the talk is applicable to any distribution or application that is to be deployed or distributed.

The talk covers:

* Requirements for packaging a CPAN distribution
* Developer testing and sanity checking
* Common mistakes as seen by CPAN Testers

Note that this is not a testing talk, although some aspects of testing are mentioned, including CPAN Testing.