There's a Catholic church in Orlando called

Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe

I'm so totally not kidding.

How to express here the delicate balance between my deeply-held Catholic faith and the fact that the name, "Mary, Queen of the Universe", is hilarious? And that "Basilica of the National Shrine" sounds like something that can't possibly exist in Orlando, Florida?

I'm Catholic; I'd like to go to Mass; I'm going. And you can, too!

No need to be Catholic. If need be, I can be your guide. Find out what a "shrine" is, in this context, and maybe help me puzzle out exactly what a "basilica" is (I've never been clear on that).


tl;dr: Probably going to have to leave the hotel lobby at 4:30pm, Saturday afternoon.

The church is located at 8300 Vineland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32821, which appears to be about 40 minutes by car from the hotel.

Mass is at 6:00pm. I'd like to get there at least a half-hour early so as to be able to see the place. It's a Basilica of the National Shrine, fercrissakes. Since it takes anywhere from 28 to 50 minutes to get there, we'll need to leave no later than 4:30pm.

Mass should be about an hour, starting at 6:00pm, so ending at about 7:00pm, and then it's another 28-50 minutes back to the hotel.

Oh, um. We're going to need to find a car. Or Über, or something. Or just leave thirty minutes earlier still, and take the bus.


1. David Hand (‎Ptolemarch‎) (I'll be going, of course. It's my idea, after all.)
2. user:irishpebbles (she's usually the one reminding me we need to go to Mass, so it's only fair)

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