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There's a tradition of the veg*ns at the conference getting together for a meal. Pittsburgh has lots of good veg food. You don't have to be veg to come, but you should plan on ordering veg food wherever we go ;)

See VegGuide's Pittsburgh listings for some options.

Adri's suggestions:

* Maggie's Mercantile I've never been there, but it sounds good, though possibly a little pricy. It's right in Oakland.

* China Palace One of my favourite veg-friendly restaurants in Pittsburgh. It's a ~15 minute walk, and wicked cheap.

* Spice Island Tea House I've never been here, but Dave suggested it for the anti arrival dinner. It's also about a ~15 minute walk.

Interested? Add your name and preferred meals down:

Hm, I think at this point, I'm only free on Wednesday for lunch, but if that's too late, then by all means go whenever works best for everyone else :) Adri Mills

The LGBT get-together is Tuesday lunch and there's been talk of doing a Parrot hacking session over dinner Monday. Wednesday lunch works for me, at any rate. =) Rick Scott (‎shadowspar‎)

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