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Monday Night at the Movies

We are showing a movie monday night at 8pm in McConomy hall and it is
free to all YAPC. This will be one heckle of a night so make sure you
attend and bring your best MST3K gags as you will need them!

  • Monday, June 22
  • 8pm
  • McConomy Hall
  • Bring munchies (but clean up after yourself)

Dark Star

  • Directed by John Carpenter
  • Written by John Carpenter (original story and screenplay) and Dan O'Bannon (who wrote Alien)
  • Made at USC film school when they were students there
  • Cost about $55k!
  • 83 minutes
  • Cheapest and funniest SF movie ever made.
  • A true cult classic. I saw this in 1974 and again the next year. Never seen it since!
  • Links for more info

some history and plot summary (spoilers)
lots of info and spoilers

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