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Left some time last night

* Small Gir plushie - User:chip

Found in Resnik 4th floor lounge on Tuesday Night

* MuVo v200 music player, white, smells faintly of barbecue sauce (chromatic)

Lost at some point on Wednesday

* One small key (for my hotel room), silverish I think, on a teardrop-shaped ring (Darian Patrick (‎dapatrick‎))
* Dark blue 1L Nalgene water bottle with black lid. The old kind that causes cancer. But dammit, I liked that water bottle! Robert Buels (‎rbuels‎)

Lost, probably on the speaker podium in Rangos 3

* White Macbook VGA adaptor Michael Schwern (‎Schwern‎)

Found in Resnik 5th floor, suite 550

* Wish bear (light green care-bear with shooting star belly badge) Doug Bell (‎preaction‎) No ransom demanded

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