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Have you submitted your Lightning Talk yet? Come one, you know you want to.

Deadline for early acceptance is Monday before the conference (June 15). Get your talk in by this date and you are much more likely going to get to speak. At least two speaking spots will be held open until the morning of the second day of the conference so you have time to see something on Monday that makes you want to speak. But the bar is set higher if you wait for the second deadline.

Note that unlike in past YAPCs, this year we are handling submissions for Lightning Talks through the same ACT system as regular talks: Submit a talk (We are not using Geoff Avery's site.)

Please make a note in the comments of your submission if you would like to be considered with the funny talks or the serious talks. There is no right answer to that question and you don't need to try to be funny if the topic does not call for it. But answering the question does help with the order of talks.

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