Wiki - LGBT get-together

Okay, every year we talk about this, and we never do it. Anybody up for a dinner or something? If you don't want to post on the wiki, email me at with your interest. Trey Harris

I don't have any free nights for dinner, but maybe lunch? Adri Mills

I'm in, I had no idea we existed. user:Mark Canlas

I'm interested, and available until other BOFs start pinning down dates/times. Let's pick a day for lunch and go for it. Brad Oaks (‎bradoaks‎)

Okay, lunch... Monday? Tuesday? By Wednesday people are already leaving. Trey Harris

I think I'd prefer Tuesday, but either is fine. Adri Mills

Tuesday will give us more time since it's just a few hours till Monday lunch. So who's up for Tuesday lunch? Trey Harris

Tuesday is fine by me. Elliot Shank

Tuesday Lunch

Okay, Tuesday lunch it is. Let's meet in the University Center courtyard (outside the lounge and the convenience store) at 11:40 (morning sessions end at 11:35, afternoon sessions start at 13:00). Add your name here:

* Trey Harris
* user:jjore
* Adri Mills

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