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* Todd Olson Friday afternoon at airport (returning rental car) then shuttle to CMU
* Dan Magnuszewski (‎magnachef‎) arriving on Friday around 4PM
* Zak Zebrowski
* Walt Mankowski (‎waltman‎) Arriving Saturday, sometime around 7 PM, with R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎) and Ricardo Signes (‎rjbs‎).
* Rick Scott (‎shadowspar‎) Leaving Sault Ste Marie at first light; hoping to arrive Sunday evening at ~1600. route
* Kenneth Graves (‎kag‎) Arriving Sunday, hopefully in time for the dinner.
* Duane Brown (‎duaneb‎) Arriving Sunday, hopefully in time for the dinner, too.
* Bill Benedetto (‎willikers‎) Arriving Sunday, probably after the dinner :-(
* bennymack Sunday after doing the on the way down.
* Jim Parker Arriving Sunday, around dinner time.
* Nathan Gray (‎kolibrie‎) Arriving Sunday, about 22:00, departing DC area around 17:00
* Ilia Lobsanov Arriving Sunday about 16:00, departing Toronto 10:00, with Olaf Alders (‎oalders‎) and Mark Jubenville (‎ioncache‎)
* Lawrence Hixson (‎Larry‎) Arriving Sunday afternoon.

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