The future of DBIx::Class

The future of DBIx::Class

By Matt S Trout (‎mst‎) from,,,
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 08:00 AM
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Advanced
Tags: class db dbix orm

Now 0.08100 has finally shipped, we're looking to the future - what design mistakes did I make right at the start, what baggage have we acquired along the way.

I'll be explaining what I think we got right, what I think we got wrong, and how an ORM shouldn't really be something you have to think about but something that fades into the language.

Then I'll explain how we're going to get there.

Attended by: Arthur Schmidt (‎fREW‎), Brandon Wigfield, Andrew Rodland (‎hobbs‎), Nicholas Perez (‎nperez‎), Chris Prather (‎perigrin‎), Stevan Little (‎stevan‎), Stephen Scaffidi (‎hercynium‎), Jesse Vincent, Michael Peters (‎mpeters‎), Brad Lhotsky, Mark Stosberg, Leonard Miller (‎olegm‎), Timothy Appnel (‎tima‎), Olaf Alders (‎oalders‎), Adam Foxson (‎Fhoxh‎), Todd Rinaldo (‎toddr‎), Dagfinn Ilmari MannsÃ¥ker (‎ilmari‎), Mike Greb (‎mikegrb‎), James Diskin, Joshua Gatcomb, Jess Robinson (‎castaway‎), John Anderson (‎genehack‎), brian janaszek, Mark Jubenville (‎ioncache‎), Darian Patrick (‎dapatrick‎), Paul Makepeace (‎paulm‎), Marco Antonio Manzo (‎amnesiac‎), Liam Echlin, Lawrence Hixson (‎Larry‎), Krishna Sethuraman (‎shamu‎), Victor Stevko, Geoffrey Darling (‎Geoff‎), Marcus Del Greco, Duane Brown (‎duaneb‎), Nick, Karsten Dahms, Clinton Wolfe, Packy Anderson, Hildo Biersma, Michael Aquilina (‎aquilina‎), G. Wade Johnson (‎gwadej‎), Brock Wilcox (‎awwaiid‎), Trey Harris,