Recommended Restaurants

Ones that are relatively close to IIT:

LTHForum's Great Neighborhood Restaurants is a top-notch and up-to-date list, covering the entire region. It is available in a pocket-size PDF.


Near to IIT (but too far to walk)

Restaurants that Deliver:


  • There is a Jewel supermarket at 35th and Martin Luther King Drive (1 mile east of IIT). It closes at 10 pm. There is also a 24-hour Walgreens here.
  • There is a 24-hour Jewel at the Green line Roosevelt station, directly to the south on Roosevelt.
  • Off of the Chinatown Red line stop are a variety of Asian groceries; see this thread at LTHForum.

Chicago Staples:

(Mostly to be found in the suburb of Skokie, or on the North Side)

(Your best bets here might be Devon Avenue in Rogers Park on the north side, or the southwestern suburb of Bridgeview)



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